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Durasin is the name of the family of products formed by synthetic papers made from bi-oriented polypropylene.

This material is composed of 3 layers of polypropylene, two outer layers of homogeneous polypropylene and in the middle an intermediate layer of polypropylene with small air bubbles evenly distributed (sandwich type). At the same time, one or two of the outer faces are coated with a coating that allows a better absorption of the inks.

It is characterized by being a waterproof material, very resistant to breakage (not unbreakable), to different chemical products and to temperature variations.

It can be printed in conventional offset, flexography, gravure, screen printing, pad printing, heat printing, thermal printing and digital printing by dry toner.

The material can be presented in coils or sheets (sheets) of different sizes, we have different thicknesses (micraje) depending on the required application, from 80 to 250 microns.

These materials can be served in different formats, depending on the final application of the product. For this reason we can find standard synthetic paper, for food use, and adhesive and all of them in different micrajes.

The properties of this product are:

– High dimensional stability (planimetry).

– Mold for reliefs.

– Collapsible both hot and cold.

– Suitable for cutting both scissors and guillotine.

– Easy printing and printing.



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