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The company was founded in 1954 under the name of Francisco Arqué Solanas in a small shop on Calle Provenza in Barcelona.

After a process of evolution and growth, in 1971 he moved to Encarnación Street adopting the current name, COMERCIAL ARQUÉ, S.A.

Since 1985 it is located in a large building equipped with modern facilities, adapted to current and future needs, typical of a company dedicated to converting,  that commercializes products of great volume that require of big spaces for his manipulation.

Our facilities occupy an area of ??10,000 m², which makes it possible to have a differentiated dispatch area, prepared to carry out the loading and unloading of trucks and trailers large tonnage.

The building is integrated into an industrial area well connected, equidistant and close to the port of merchandise, airports, main road network, and close to the logistics area of ??Barcelona. In the upper part of the building we have our own parking for workers, visits, …

In order to provide better service to our customers we have a Port Customs Warehouse (DAP) with an area of ??nearly 2,000 square meters, adjacent to our main building that provides us with greater speed when introducing products in our warehouses.

Our main activities are converting, handling and marketing of stamping film, machine preparation accessories, prints for hot stamping, thermal tape (TTR), textile support materials, binding materials, anti-theft labels (EAS), polypropylene (Durasin), frost and all the products related to the production and customization of PVC cards. We also have our own manufacturing center of own machinery (Impak), machine preparation accessories, as well as the implementation and assembly of RFID.

Comercial Arque S.A.

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