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Comercial Arqué has opted for this application since the beginning of plastic cards in Spain. This long experience has allowed us to evolve with our collaborating clients in order to offer a wide range of material solutions for the manufacture and customization of plastic cards. Our goal is to continue growing by supporting our clients and for this we continue in the effort so that their success is also ours.

We have our own products and we represent the most prestigious manufacturers of materials for the manufacture and personalization of plastic cards.

We offer standard products and customized products to adapt the material to the needs of each client or work to be done, helping our customers to optimize material costs, handling and manufacturing. For this we have machinery for insertion, cutting and rewinding in coil, flat cutting, among others.

Our wide range of products includes: PVC, PET-G, Metallic PVC, Overlay, Magnetic Stripe, signature panel, holograms, customization tapes, scratch-off, neutral cards, RFID prelam, etc …


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