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Texlin® belongs to one of the product families of Comercial Arqué who has always bet on textile products, mainly for printing with TTR.

In the last 5 years there has been a strong investment in the textile area, providing the section with several cold cutting machines (cutting from 10 mm to 2 m), ultrasonic cutting, and hot cutting (from 15 mm up to 2 m).

A partnership relationship has been established with Asian producers, jointly developing products exclusively, with special care in the qualitative control of our products, through the implementation of our own laboratory in origin. Likewise, in Barcelona we have a laboratory for the control of the development and study of materials, in which tests of washing, printing, perfomance …, etc. are developed.

A finishing area has been installed, using both cold and hot calenders.

We have the corresponding certification of our products.

We develop self-adhesive products.

Texlin® invests, develops and shares the group’s external / internal sales network, which is why it is considered a suitable partner to solve every labeling problem in the most prestigious companies in many sectors such as footwear, clothing, carpets, mattresses, promotional items and gadgets among others.

Today we have:

Polyester: 100% polyester material for domestic and more aggressive washes. Printables in Wet Ink, TTR, and Hot Stamping.

TTR Land: Polyamide, polyester and satin, for the printing of Thermo Transfer, some of which are resistant to thermal treatments and garment dyes.

Polyester satin: manufactured for customers who demand high aesthetic quality and with a very good fall. Printables in Wet Ink, TTR, and Hot Stamping.

Self-adhesive materials: materials suitable for any type of printing. Suitable for footwear, mattresses, catalogs, helmets, among others.

Other products: any product that is in progress or want to develop, and also cotton, cotton / polyester, Tyvek® …, etc.


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